Sundman figures it out! is an ongoing autobiographical episodic essay in the spirit of Montaigne, Marcus Aurelius, and Emily Dickinson, with meditations on experiences everywhere from a small farm in 1950’s New Jersey to remote villages in northern Senegal to Silicon Valley startups to Martha’s Vineyard construction sites and firehouses, sometimes adumbrated by ‘you are there!’ illustrations that are the artistic and historic equal of the Bayeux Tapestry.

John Sundman is a retired Martha’s Vineyard volunteer firefighter and construction laborer not too proud to crawl on his belly like a reptile to insulate Carly Simon’s floor, and the nanoscopically famous author of mindbending hackertastic philosopho-sexy biodigital novels of uncanny believability and literary flair.

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An episodic autobiographical meditation. Stories from farms, cities, African villages, Martha's Vineyard, Silicon Valley, molecular biology labs, truck stops, firehouses, construction sites, hacker meets — trying to figure out what it's all about.


Country boy, city kid, famine relief Africa, Silicon Valley escapee; firefighter, novelist, truck driver, construction worker. Slow learner. Once relatively competent in English, French, Latin, Wolof, Pulaar & Vietnamese. But not anymore.